Captain America Manchester set photos (Mon 20th Sept 2010)

Captain America filming in Manchester

Over the past week I’ve been visiting the set of Captain America pretty much daily – taking photos as Dale Street (in Manchester’s Northern Quarter) is transformed into a 1940s Brooklyn neighbourhood. The actual filming doesn’t start until Wednesday (22nd Sept), but the set designers have been hard at work for several weeks, meticulously preparing the period shop-fronts, painting brickwork, cleaning windows, replacing blinds, putting up vintage street lamps, even down to replacing the manhole covers. Over the past few days they’ve also been stocking the shops with vintage 1940s cameras, cigars, medicines, foodstuffs, antique furniture and artificial limbs (!)

From what I’ve heard the actual action may only take up 40 seconds of screen time (or at most 2-3 minutes). The scene will be a car chase and an explosion. I think last Wednesday(?) they were filming sugar glass windows being blown out. No word yet whether any of the actual stars (Chris Evans, Samuel L Jackson, Tommy Lee Jones, Hugo Weaving etc.) will be here in Manchester this week to film. You can check out a full cast list of Captain America on IMDb.

New stuff I noticed/found out today (Mon 20th Sept):

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Here’s a few quick ones from today – these first four show the street backdrop being constructed (taken around 5:30pm Mon 20th Sept):

Few more :

New wedding shop window with dummys in bridal dress:

Here’s a few more in a gallery