Captain America Manchester set video (Tue 21st Sept 2010)

I shot this shaky six-minute HD video today of the Captain America film set in Dale Street, Manchester as the final preparations were being made before the filming starts tomorrow (Wed 22nd Sept). They brought out around 24 vintage 1940s period cars onto the set, so watch all the way through if you can, as they were all lined up along Dale Street and Tariff Street. I spotted amongst others: Chrysler Royal, Ford Deluxe, Studebaker Champion, Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet, Plymouth. I know very little about cars but this was a truly impressive sight. Also at the end of the video I walk across to the car-park in Piccadilly Basin where a car is being fitted with wires and explosives.

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This walk-through video was shot around 3:30pm (Tue 21st Sept) when the directors, stunt-coordinators and set designers (from what I could tell) were having some kind of rehearsal / meeting before tomorrow’s hotly-anticipated explosion and car chase. There were a couple of cars in front of the ‘Bankside Music Store’ and ‘Brooklyn Antiques’ (whose sugar-glass windows will be blown out in the stunt) and a few guys who were either stand-ins, stuntmen or actual cast members…

I’ve been cross-referencing Google Images to see if any of the cast were there, but perhaps not? I heard on Twitter that Chris Evans (who plays the lead role as Steve Rogers / Captain America, not the wacky ginger TV/radio presenter!) was meant to be turning up at 2:30pm, but I don’t know if that was true/actually happened. I saw one stunt guy/director showing another (the pair are labelled as ‘3’ in this photo) how he would throw himself backwards from the blast . I have a feeling the director Joe Johnston may have been there too (and maybe even appears in my video or photos – is he the guy in the yellow jumper in this photo? Please leave a comment if you can! ). (edit: Joe Johnston is in the blue fleece/grey hair, facing the camera)

Here’s a couple of photos of the ‘rehearsal’ / stunt meeting shown in the video – can you identify anyone famous cast or crew. Click on the links in green for zoomed photos – apologies for the quality.

Dear #captainamerica fans: can u identify guy in yellow jumper & behind him the dark haired guy?

Captain America stunt rehearsals Manchester - photo 4074-0

#captainamerica Can u identify any1 in this photo? Stand-ins or Hollywood? :)

Captain America stunt rehearsals Manchester - photo 4068-0

(click for a large zoomed image)

in this zoomed image:
‘1’ – in the leather jacket looks like he could be a cast member or stuntman edit: this is Richard Armitage
‘2’ – the muscular guy could may be a stand in for Chris Evans (or even the man himself?)
‘3’ – as mentioned above this pair were rehearsing getting blown off their feet
‘4’ – possible Assistant Director / stunt co-ordinator ? Edit: apparently this is director Joe Johnston!

Please leave a comment if you have any info, or can spot anyone in the video or photos

I will do a separate blogpost on the 1940s cars as I took literally hundreds of photos today

I also saw a white van with ‘Bickers Action – Film and TV Action’ written on it – check out their website, they appear to have been involved with stunts on James Bond, Top Gear and Eastenders, and another van that said ‘Camera Revolution’ – their website is