Finally spotted Chris Evans on the Captain America set (or his stunt double?)

I don’t think this photo is going to win any Pulitzer Prizes…

I’m pretty sure it’s either Chris Evans or his stunt double, playing Steve Rogers in Captain America… the prosthetic feet are the giveaway, the black puffa jacket not so much :)

Chris Evans (or his stunt double) in Captain America - filmed in Manchester

Shot from the public sidestreet at 12:37pm today (Sat 25th September) on my way to watch Man City / Chelsea down the pub :)

Update: looks like I picked the wrong day to leave the set early… someone has managed to get some great video on a Panasonic TZ10 camera from the end of Dale Street (by the Piccadilly Basin arch), of Chris Evans running towards the camera – view on YouTube here.

(please note this is not my video – it was shot by mrrandom177)

This must have been an hour or so after I left. Apparently the first unit wrapped around 4pm today and will now move on to Liverpool. The 2nd film unit will record pick-up shoots during the week in Manchester. Looks like I missed my chance to get any decent footage of Chris Evans :(