Is Richard Armitage in the new Captain America film?

Edit: based on the overwhelming response in the comments section for this blog entry, I think the answer is: YES! Richard Armitage is in the new Captain America movie currently being filmed in Manchester. Thanks to all the RA fans for visiting and commenting :)

Update: Fri 24th Sept @ 13:51pm
I have managed to find out that Richard Armitage is 100% for sure in Captain America, and that his character is Heinz Kruger. He is filming two scenes on set today in Manchester.

Update: Mon 11th Oct @ 21:44pm
This has now been officially confirmed by ‘Richard Armitage – Heinz Kruger’ being added to the IMDb entry for Captain America: The First Avenger (2011)

I noticed on Twitter this evening that several people on a Richard Armitage fansite (via are speculating that Richard Armitage (Wikipedia entry) star of the BBC’s Spooks and Robin Hood can be spotted in my Captain America set walk-thru video around the 30 second mark (embedded again below)

I took a fair amount of video and photos around the time I shot that video yesterday, so I’ve gone back and tried to find a close-up shot. Unfortunately I don’t have a clear image of the actor in the black leather jacket, but I’ve zoomed to 100% any images where that person appears and stitched them into a makeshift image:

Is this Richard Armitage on the set of Captain America in Manchester?

Does that make things any clearer? I will go and check out the other videos I shot and update this post if I find anything..

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Here’s a couple of screenshots from the walkthrough video that I editted and cropped slightly from the 1280×720 video (click for larger image):

Is this Richard Armitage on the set of Captain America in Manchester?

Is this Richard Armitage on the set of Captain America in Manchester?

the feedback I’m getting in the comments are that this *is* Richard Armitage. I’m afraid I haven’t seen Spooks or Robin Hood personally so I have no idea :)

Here is another video I shot (I wasn’t planning to upload but it might help)

Update 4:
Another video

Update 5:
This video below shows director Joe Johnston (with back to camera, grey hair and dark blue top) on the set of Captain America yesterday (Tue 21st Sept), the day before filming began. Also Richard Armitage again in the background: