Video of Blue Roses at Manchester Fallowfield Trof (29th Nov 2010)

Blue Roses live at Manchester Fallowfield Trof (29th Nov 2010)

Blue Roses setlist:
01. Greatest Thoughts*
02. Coast
03. Doubtful Comforts
04. Hammond Song (cover, originally by The Roches)
05. Rebecca
06. Moments Before Sleep

* not filmed :(

I’ll try and write a blog post about this incredible gig in the next few days, but for the time being I wanted to post a quick video I shot last night of Laura Groves (aka Blue Roses) playing ‘Rebecca’. Unbelievable stuff.

Update – never got round to posting a review, but I’ve uploaded 5 videos from the gig below…

(hit play and switch video quality to 720p or 1080p)

02. Blue Roses – Coast (watch in 1080p on YouTube)

03. Blue Roses – Doubtful Comforts (watch in 1080p on YouTube)

04. Blue Roses – Hammond Song (watch in 1080p on YouTube)

05. Blue Roses – Rebecca (watch in 1080p on YouTube)

06. Blue Roses – Moments Before Sleep (watch in 1080p on YouTube)

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