The Beta Band – Shepherds Dub (Steve Lamacq’s Bootleg Session)

The sad passing of Gil Scott-Heron on Friday reminded me of one of the first times I heard the words "the revolution will not be televised".

The Beta Band – Shepherds Dub (Steve Lamacq’s Bootleg Session)

The Beta Band - Shepherds Dub (Steve Lamacq's Bootleg Session, Melody Maker cassette) ‘Shepherds Dub’ is a Beta Band gem from the archives that never received a commercial release, but was featured as part of a free cassette from Melody Maker on 7th March 1998.

It turns out the actual sample used is taken from Countdown To Armageddon by Public Enemy (something I’m ashamed to admit I only just discovered via Google) – but this tune was one of my first introductions to the wonderful world of The Beta Band. Sample heavy, deep dub bass, pots and pans percussion – a stark contrast to the safe indie of The Charlatans and The Verve I was listening to at the time.

A quick Google search reveals the session was recently repeated on BBC 6 Music on The Live Hour, 14th May 2011, Gideon Coe, 31st March 2011 and Gideon Coe (again), 3rd August 2010 – along with the tracks ‘Monolith’ and ‘B & A’.

From what I read on the BBC blurb it may actually have originated from a John Peel sesison dated 10th September 1997.

Cassette cover image credit: Source1 & Source2