Ghost Outfit at Manchester Deaf Institute (12th April 2011)

Ghost Outfit were a last-minute support slot addition to the Steve Mason show at the Manchester Deaf Institute on Tuesday 12th April 2011. Despite going up against the Man Utd/Chelsea Champions League quarter-final match they pulled a decent crowd. My intention was to skip across from The Footage next door at half-time and maybe catch a few minutes of Ghost Outfit, but I ended up staying for the whole show :)

I did take a fair few photos, but for the moment here’s a video I shot below. The audio quality and camerawork isn’t great I’m afraid – I actually wasn’t planning on putting it online, but after reading @thepigeonpost’s Tweet I thought I’d dig it out of the archive:

Watch in 1080p on YouTube

You can grab some free downloads via the Ghost Outfit Bandcamp page (Boy, I Was Good When I Was Young and Cough)

Other Ghost Outfit links: Facebook page | MySpace | Twitter