Video of Let’s Buy Happiness at Liverpool Mojo (20th May 2011)

I set up my Panasonic Lumix TZ7 at the side of the stage on a small tripod and filmed the Let’s Buy Happiness show on Friday. I had intended to team up the video with some soundboard audio, but that didn’t quite work out. The tripod didn’t do a great job either unfortunately — the video seems to keep vibrating with the bass. The LED lights posed a problem too as a 1/3rd of their cycle was bright red, which completely confused the camera + autofocus.

I also shot a few songs on my Canon 5dmkII – the video quality is much better as you’d expect (although I still messed up the white balance/focus on the red lights). I’ll upload the 5dmkII footage later this week if I can sync it up with some better audio than the in-camera mic.

Here’s the set of videos shot from the TZ7/tripod – please select 720p for the best audio and video quality…

Let’s Buy Happiness setlist:
Liverpool Mojo (Sound City 2011), Friday 20th May 2011

01. Hotel Creatures (
02. Woodrings (
03. Crooks (
04. Clean Mistake (
05. Skinny Moon (
06. Dirty Lakes (
07. Fast Fast (
08. Six Wolves (

YouTube playlist of all eight songs:

Let’s Buy Happiness – Hotel Creatures & Woodrings (live at Liverpool Mojo, 20th May 2011)

Part 1/7 (8m29):

  • Hotel Creatures comes in around 0:57
  • Woodrings comes in around 5:28

Let’s Buy Happiness – Crooks (live at Liverpool Mojo, 20th May 2011)

Part 2/7 | Length: 3m18 | YouTube link: | Camera: Panasonic Lumix TZ7


Let’s Buy Happiness – Clean Mistake (live at Liverpool Mojo, 20th May 2011)

Part 3/7 (4m01):

Here’s an alternate video of ‘Clean Mistake’ below that I shot on my Canon 5DmkII. The video quality is much better, but again the red LED lights pretty much throw off my exposure/white balance etc. If you skip to 1m11 (when the light cycle is white/blue for 10 seconds) it looks great. If anyone can offer me advice on how to improve, then please leave a comment at the bottom. I mainly use my camera for photos and I’m only just beginning to learn how the video side of things work. The audio from the onboard mic isn’t as good as the Lumix TZ7, so it distorts a fair bit.

Be sure to change the quality setting to 1080p if your computer/internet connection can handle it :)


Let’s Buy Happiness – Skinny Moon (live at Liverpool Mojo, 20th May 2011)

Part 4/7 (2m58):


Let’s Buy Happiness – Dirty Lakes (live at Liverpool Mojo, 20th May 2011)

Part 5/7 (2m53):


Let’s Buy Happiness – Fast Fast (live at Liverpool Mojo, 20th May 2011)

Part 6/7 (3m02):


Let’s Buy Happiness – Six Wolves (live at Liverpool Mojo, 20th May 2011)

Part 7/7 (4m25):