Manchester T-Mobile shop ransacked in Market Street

Saw this via @WJFOrchard‘s Tweet earlier:

“T-Mobile on Market Street ransacked. Police everywhere.”

Apparently some guy was in the shop for an hour, and spent 15 minutes completely destroying the T-Mobile store on Market Street. After his wrecking spree the man sat on a chair in the store and waited to be arrested.

I’ve blurred the faces of the T-Mobile staff who were cleaning up the mess afterwards – they weren’t the ones doing the damage. Apologies for the crap photos just snapped a few on my phone as I walked past.


here’s a few tweets I spotted from Philip Oda Enegela ‏(@philmysta) about the incident:

“Dude messed up the store and chased all the staff into a corner with the fire extinguisher while bystanders” #

“@Drew_da_KGB yeah, and the crowd cheered him on until the coppers arrived. Totally wrecked the store!” #


Statement from T-Mobile spokesman:

The incident which occurred at the Manchester Market Street store was of course very upsetting for our staff. During the incident, all customers and staff were taken outside of the store as quickly as possible and the police were called immediately to handle the incident. The facts are as follows:

– The incident occurred on Saturday 30 June around 4pm

– The customer’s dispute was in relation to a refund that we were not able to give – as it was clearly outside of the stated terms and conditions

– There were seven members of staff and a number of customers in store at the time – and we are very pleased to say that none were injured during the incident

– We are currently assessing the damage, and will be re-opening the store as soon as possible

We will of course continue to work to ensure the safety – of both our staff and our customers – is of paramount importance at all times.