PHOTOS: Emily and The Woods at Manchester Castle Hotel (25th June 2012)

Didn’t have much luck with the lighting or my positioning for this gig. I mainly went down to enjoy the music (as I’m a big fan of Emily and The Woods) – wasn’t really the sort of concert where you could use flash, or move around to get a better shot. I’ll probably Photoshop out the guitar on the left-hand side at some point :) Where I was sat, her brother’s guitar obscured Emily for most of the gig unfortunately.

Edit – here’s another one – again not the greatest capture as the overhead spotlights were pretty harsh. The shutter slap felt really loud on my Canon 5Dmk2 so didn’t want to take many shots whilst Emily was performing – tried to capture some images in-between. Hopefully I’ll get another chance to shoot Emily at a different Manchester show this year.