VIDEO: Real Estate live at Salford Islington Mill (24th Oct 2011)

Here’s a quick video from last night’s Real Estate show for Now Wave. Due to some lucky scheduling I was able to see Laura Marling at the Cathedral and then jump in a taxi to Salford and only miss a couple of Real Estate tunes.

All The Same

Take a listen on Spotify to Real Estate’s new album ‘Days’ (or pick it up from Amazon) – I’ve had it on solid repeat for the past coupla weeks. Wonderful stuff.

Miniature Dog Show at Manchester Spinningfields (part 1)

Here’s a random post that’s a little different from my usual concert photos & videos…

Last week my friends saw an advert for a ‘miniature dog show‘ in Spinningfields and thought it would be a laugh to go down and take some photos. I’d usually struggle to get up early on a Saturday morning, but giving up alcohol for a few weeks means no hangovers. Unfortunately my two other friends (whose idea it was to go) didn’t get up and missed a hilarious (& cute overload) morning.

I’m mainly putting these up as I’ve no way of contacting any of the dog owners to show them the photos. You’re welcome to use the images on your blogs/Facebook etc but please provide a text link back "Photo: Jim Hobbs |"

If you’d like me to remove any images or want more info then please get in touch. Alternatively use the comments section at the end of the blog post.

Ok… so I took literally hundreds of photos – here’s the first batch of them. Funtimes!

(tip: you can click through on this first image below and then keep clicking on the image to cycle through all the full-size photos. Apologies but the site layout is a bit wonky at the moment.)

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Lucy Rose at Manchester Ruby Lounge (20th Oct 2011)

Video of Lucy Rose’s support slot for Ben Howard at the Ruby Lounge last night

Currently uploading 5 videos I shot — usually takes about 2 hours per video. Please bookmark and check back over the weekend for the rest and for a couple of photos

Don’t You Worry

Watch in 1080p on YouTube:



Middle Of The Bed


VIDEO – Lucy Rose at Manchester Ruby Lounge (8th Aug 2011)

Here’s some video footage from last night’s Lucy Rose concert at the Manchester Ruby Lounge (Mon 8th Aug). I asked Lucy before she played if it was okay to film the show – she replied: "I’d love that" :)

I filmed 8 of the 9 tunes (didn’t get the opening song as I took photos instead)

Lucy Rose Manchester Setlist:
01. Scar
02. Place
03. First
04. [title unknown] new song
05. Don’t You Worry
06. [title unknown] “All I’ve Got Is You”
07. Night Bus
08. Middle Of The Bed
09. Bikes

(If you know the missing song titles please leave a comment here or on YouTube)

Lucy Rose’s debut single ‘Middle Of The Bed’ is out this week (Mon 8th Aug 2011). You can buy it from iTunes UK via It’s currently sat at number 50 (at 2:24pm 8th Aug) in the Alternative Chart on iTunes – if you enjoy the videos on this page please head over to iTunes and buy it, it’s only £2.49 :)

(remember to increase the video quality to 720p/1080p)
Here’s a YouTube playlist of all 8 songs

02. Place

03. First

04. [new song]

05. Don’t You Worry

06. All I’ve Got Is You (unsure of title)

07. Night Bus

08. Middle Of The Bed

09. Bikes

PHOTOS: Lucy Rose at Manchester Ruby Lounge (8th Aug 2011)

Lucy Rose was incredible tonight at the Ruby Lounge.

Here’s a quick photo – I’ll put the rest up later/tomorrow along with some video:

More after the jump: Lucy Rose Manchester photos


Caitlin Rose

Manchester Academy 3
26th July 2011


Nathaniel Rateliff

Manchester Academy 3
26th July 2011


Puro Instinct

Venue: Manchester Ruby Lounge
Date: Monday 18th July 2011


Golden Glow

Venue: Manchester International Festival
Date: Tuesday 12th July 2011

Stream the new Washed Out album ‘Within and Without’

Washed Out release their debut album ‘Within and Without‘ next Monday (11th July), but The Guardian are offering the chance listen to an exclusive stream all this week. Ernest Greene has put together a band to take the show on the road for their first European dates – taking in London, Manchester & Brighton next month.