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Sunday 24th October 2010
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Finally spotted Chris Evans on the Captain America set (or his stunt double?)

I don’t think this photo is going to win any Pulitzer Prizes… I’m pretty sure it’s either Chris Evans or his stunt double, playing Steve Rogers in Captain America… the prosthetic feet are the giveaway, the black puffa jacket not so much :)

Photos of classic American 1940s vintage cars on the set of Captain America in Manchester

On Tuesday (21st Sept) I went down to Dale Street to shoot video and take photos of the Captain America set. I managed to get photos of some of the 1940s American classic cars being used Can any vintage car buffs please help me identify the car make / model and year for my photos […]

Video of classic American 1940s vintage cars on the set of Captain America in Manchester

Here’s a quick video of some of the incredible 1940s American cars I saw yesterday (Tue 21st Sept 2010) on Dale and Tariff Street in Manchester, during the final day of set preparation for Captain America.

Is Richard Armitage in the new Captain America film?

Edit: based on the overwhelming response in the comments section for this blog entry, I think the answer is: YES! Richard Armitage is in the new Captain America movie currently being filmed in Manchester. Thanks to all the RA fans for visiting and commenting :) Update: Fri 24th Sept @ 13:51pm I have managed to […]

Live stream of the Captain America filming in Manchester

JonB (the guy who put together the wonderful YouTube videos of the Captain America set being built) has nabbed himself a great vantage spot in the flats above Dale Street. He’s also kindly put a live stream over on his Ustream channel – AMAZING! Update: Wed 22nd Sept at 14:59pm it seems to have gone […]

Captain America Manchester set photos (Wed 22nd Sept 2010)

It’s almost impossible to get a decent view from street level of the Captain America filming today unfortunately. Barriers have been erected all around Dale Street and the surrounding side streets, and security and police presence has been ramped right up. I’d say the best views today came from the end near the Piccadilly Basin […]

Captain America Manchester set video (Tue 21st Sept 2010)

I shot this shaky six-minute HD video today of the Captain America film set in Dale Street, Manchester as the final preparations were being made before the filming starts tomorrow (Wed 22nd Sept). They brought out around 24 vintage 1940s period cars onto the set, so watch all the way through if you can, as […]

Captain America Manchester set photos (Mon 20th Sept 2010)

Over the past week I’ve been visiting the set of Captain America pretty much daily – taking photos as Dale Street (in Manchester’s Northern Quarter) is transformed into a 1940s Brooklyn neighbourhood. The actual filming doesn’t start until Wednesday (22nd Sept), but the set designers have been hard at work for several weeks, meticulously preparing […]